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Hardwood floors are generally easier to clean than carpeted floors, particularly on a weekly basis. On the other hand, they are more expensive to install than carpet. Hardwood floors can also increase the value of your home in the eyes of buyers. In fact, some buyers will only consider a house that has hardwood flooring.

But, you’re not going to get the soft comfort, especially while walking barefoot at home,that you can enjoy with carpeted floors. It comes down to a matter of price,taste and lifestyle. Which flooring type you go with will affect your home’s appearance, cleanliness and again, value.

Carpeted Flooring Pros and Cons


  • Foot protection is a real plus with carpeted floors. Sink your feet and toes into a plush shag carpet and you may not want to put your shoes back on. Carpeted floors are especially welcomed if you have sensitive, tired or injured feet.
  • Carpet insulates the rooms of your house,lowering noise levels. This benefit is most realized if you're walking on the second or third floor of your house. Walking on carpet keeps your family on lower levels of your home from hearing your feet echo across the floor.
  • Go barefoot on carpeted floors and you probably won’t get a splinter.
  • Young children will have padding to crawl on. Toddlers who are learning to walk will also have padding when they tumble to the floor.
  • Cold air won’t nip as hard at your feet during cold months.


  • Despite your best cleaning efforts, after several months, your carpet may get stained. You could scrub the stains on your hands and knees and not get all of the spots out.
  • Carpet fibers hold dirt and allergens. Deep cleaners and regular vacuuming are needed to keep fibers free of allergens.
  • Let snags develop in your carpet and you could see a run stretch several feet across the floor.
  • You’ll have to eventually replace your carpet to keep your home in stop condition.

Pros and Cons of Going with Hardwood Floors


  • A broom and a mop can keep hardwood floors clean for months.
  • If hardwood floor tiles get damaged, you can sand or refinish them instead of replacing them, saving money.
  • Allergens and dirt have less places to hide.
  • Should you track mud in the house, you can clean it up in seconds with a wet rag.


  • Similar to tile floors, hardwood floors can buckle, especially if it gets humid.
  • Polish is required to keep hardwood floors looking good over time. This may not be so bad if you don’t mind operating a buffing machine a couple of times a year. As a tip, only buff floors that are not made with refinished wood.
  • Termites can get in hardwood floors.

Both carpeted and hardwood floors get spots on them. Your floors can get spots from water, grease and other harsh cleaners. To reduce flooring damage, consider using environmentally friendly cleaners. Also, protect carpet and hardwood floors from too much sun exposure, as too much sun exposure can take the shine out of carpet and hardwood coloring.

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Breakneck Hill Conservation Area! Commuting is a breeze from this Majestic Colonial with Sweeping Skyline Views set atop a hill in a Serene Oasis of wonderfully lush greenery. Step inside to your inviting Open Floor Plan with Beautifully Milled Wood Work, Moldings and Wainscoting. Enjoy a relaxing moment by the Fireplace with its Expertly Crafted Over-sized Mantle or visit with Friends while preparing a meal in your large open Cherry Cabinet Kitchen with Stainless Steel Appliances and Granite Counters. When you want to wind down you can Retreat to your Media/Game Room and watch a great movie with the sound playing through your 5 speakers. Then, when you are ready to rejuvenate yourself your sanctuary awaits with its Over-sized Master Suite where you can enjoy a warm soak in your Jacuzzi Tub before retiring for the night. This is your Oasis! Welcome Home!!

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Whether your attic is 150 or 300 square feet, you can get more from your attic. One of the simplest ways to get more from your attic is to designate this uppermost room as a storage space. You’ll appreciate having made this decision more if you turn your basement into a family room, den, bedroom or separate living space.

Other attic uses include a television room, den, guest room and study area. To beautify your attic, you could add cactuses, hanging plants and other greenery that don’t require a lot of water or sunlight to thrive. Build custom shelving into attic walls and you can create a private library. Just make sure that there’slots of airflow in the room before you use the space as a library.

Prepare your attic for multiple usages

Before you start stacking storage boxes, old furniture and clothes that you rarely wear inside your attic, make sure that the flooring is durable. Thin plywood flooring can give way if too much weight is placed on it.

Also, clean and treat your attic if you find pests droppings. If you start pushing storage boxes inside your attic prior to inspecting and treating the room, you could inadvertently create a good hiding place for pests. Items that you may not want to store in your attic include old books, magazines and photographs. Believe it or not, pests like roaches, find old paper goods attractive. Roaches actually feast on books and other paper items.

Place anti-fatigue padding or rubber tiles over flooring for added protection before you store heavy items in your attic. This way, you could prevent plywood or hardwood floor tiles from buckling or sagging. Well maintained floors make it easier to turn your attic into an extra bedroom or office, should your family grow and you need the extra space years down the road.

Choose great attic ventilation and flooring

Add vents to your attic to improve ventilation. Do this whether you merely use your attic as a storage space or turn your attic into a living or work room. Even if your attic already has vents, you may want to add more vents, especially if you live in an area where temperatures drop below freezing. On cold days, poor attic ventilation can cause ice dams to form. Your attic may also feel damp if it’snot properly ventilated.

Familiarize yourself with local housing codes to ensure that you meet local attic ventilation requirements. Vent choices range from round to rectangular. There are also small, medium and large vent sizes to choose from. Simply adding insulation and upgrading drywall may not offer enough attic ventilation.

To improve airflow in your attic, consider leaving the attic door open during the daytime.Before you open the attic window to increase airflow, check the roof for bird and insect nests. Clear roof drainage pipes and place a screen and attic guard over the window. You can get attic window guards on or offline from housewares stores. Some department stores also sell attic guards.

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Sudbury Line! Near Historic Wayside Inn! Picturesque Colonial perfect for entertaining. Free Flowing with Crown and Dental Molding, Tres' Ceilings, 2 Story Foyer, Bird Cage Banister, Transom Window, all Leading to an Oversized 3 room Master Suite. Enjoy Quiet Moments in Your Sitting Area. Relax in your Spa like Bathroom while taking a Jacuzzi Tub or Choose your Wardrobe in Your Dressing Room. After you’ve rejuvenated yourself retreat to your Oversized Kitchen with Granite Counters and Granite Sink, Subzero Fridge and Wine Cooler, Thermadore Oven and Microwave, Dacor electric Stove Top, Bosch Dishwasher and Oversized Island with beautiful views of your backyard Oasis complete with Heated Inground Guinite Pool and separate inground whirlpool hot tub, Koi Fish Pond all surrounded by Lush Greenery in your private resort. When evening comes retreat to the tranquility of your four season Sunroom or relax in your inviting family room with beautiful wood burning fireplace. Welcome Home!

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It requires a lot more than grass seed to have a healthy, lush lawn. If your landscape looks as worn and bare as the pelt of a mangy dog, it's time to seek professional help. A professional lawn and garden maintenance service can readily turn the brownest and barren landscape into a healthier, greener space to relax with family and friends. A verdant, manicured landscape also creates curb appeal and increases property value. The process of turning your “tired looking” yard into the envy of the neighborhood includes several steps. Spring Clean Up A winter’s worth of debris and leaf accumulation can smother the lawn, stunting spring grass emergence. Your professional yard service can make “fast work” of cleaning out flower beds, power raking the lawn, trimming broken tree branches, cleaning raining gutters and giving the landscape a “fresh face”. When choosing a professional lawn and garden maintenance company, select a contractor that provides all season services including snow removal, leaf removal, garden cultivation, green waste hauling, and sprinkler system installation and repair, as well as summer season lawn maintenance. Most landscape professionals offer weekly and monthly lawn and landscape maintenance packages designed to fit any budget. Aeration In nature, grasses grow tall, sinking deep anchoring roots. These deep roots serve to break up the soil and create a turf able to withstand the sweltering heat and periods of drought common to midwestern summers. In the home landscape, grasses are typically not left alone to mature naturally. Instead, we mow and edge, water, and weed, shaping the natural growth into a tight green carpet. However, all the aggressive activities required maintaining a manicured emerald green lawn compress the soil that in turn stunts root growth. Aeration allows oxygen to reach turf soil and grass roots. Aeration makes holes in the lawn and the soil by cutting and extracting a small plug from the soil or by punching holes in the soil. During the aeration process, the thatch is broken up and soil loosened. Healthy turf that is aerated withstands insect attacks, crowds out weeds and gives your home the visual appeal of a lush, thick green lawn. Dethatching Your lawn cannot grow if the soil cannot breathe or absorb moisture. Dethatching removes the tangle of matted dead grass and weeds that build up over a season of growth and mowing, smothering the soil surface and preventing oxygen, moisture and nutrients to penetrate the soil. When the thatch layer in your lawn exceeds a half-inch thick, its time to dethatch. A dethatcher, also known as a power rake, verti-cutter or vertical cutter uses tines specifically designed to loosen the thatch that is then cut with vertical blades that lift the thatch to the surface of the lawn. In order not to damage the lawn, it is imperative that the blades be properly adjusted and spacing set based on grass type. Although it is possible to dethatch a small area or a little lawn manually with a special dethatching rake, it is a laborious and time-consuming job best left to a professional with the equipment, knowledge and experience to do the job right.

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